Garden State Mastiff Rescue, Inc.

Helping rescue organizations with the rehabilitation of English Mastiffs in need.

Success Stories

Below are pictures of some of our success stories.  They are dogs with other rescue groups that all needed some type of medical care.  It is through the donations that we receive that we are able to help these dogs.  Without our help, they might have been euthanized.


Jasmine came into rescue and shortly afterward was not able to walk at all.  She required surgery to fuse her spine.  This is a p[icture of her a short while after surgery.

Tom Hanks

Tom needed surgery for cherry eye along with all of his normal routine items.


Angel was about 4-6 mo old when she was left outside of a shelter in freezing winter weather. Having been born with a badly deformed front leg, she had difficulty walking and was found frozen to the ground in her own excrement. Her dilemma has a terrific ending, as she was taken from the shelter, transported to rescue, provided with a prosthetic limb and exceptional veterinary and foster care. Angel ended up in a loving home and a will to live that is beyond anyone’s expectations!

Major’s vision was beginning to deteriorate at the age of 16 mo. He was growing cataracts. After seeing an opthamologist in Chicago, it was discovered that besides cataracts he had a rare disorder of calcium and phosphorous metabolism, causing a malfunctioning of the parathyroid gland. This in turn caused bilateral detached retinas. Surgery was not an option. This rare disorder could be repaired with 90% success if the problem had existed for a week. Chances of success decreases rapidly thereafter.


It was decided to accept Major’s dilemma, as did Major, who was getting around very well and enjoying his foster dog friend. He was adopted by his foster person.


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Violet was a stray who came into Rescue with a badly mangled foot. Her foot pad and most of her toes were destroyed. Being a stray the cause of the injury is unknown.

Since Violet is a small Mastiff who got along very well on 3 legs when she came into Rescue, it was decided the best outcome for Violet was to amputate the entire leg. A portion of the leg is retained only if a prosthesis is going to be applied.

Thankfully, Violet is a very small girl and can carry her weight easily on three legs. After surgery she moved about immediately as though she never missed her fourth limb. Violet is no longer in pain and is ready to move on with her life.



Rocco was a stray found in the parking lot of a bar. Sad to think his owner  deserted him when Rocco needed him most. His days were numbered as he was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma with a very poor prognosis. Thanks to Rescue his limited time on earth was spent in comfortable surroundings with a dog pal and lots of love from his rescuers. This is what rescue is all about.


We do not have enough room or space to tell you about Gillian.  She was rescued from a meat farm in South Korea along with other dogs and her puppies.  She was being bred for the sole purpose of supplying meat.  Her puppies all got homes but she needed several extensive surgeries to repair the years of neglect and abuse.  A rescue group in Pennsylvania took her on and asked for our help in paying for her medical expenses.  We absolutely said yes!  She now lives in Western Pennsylvania and is a truly happy pup.  Without rescue groups willing to step in and donations from Garden State Mastiff Rescue, girls like her would not have been given a second chance on life.  

Rocco 2

Rocco is a 7 1/2 year old English Mastiff whose owner lost her home and could no longer care for him.  One of our rescue groups that we work with took him on.  He has some skin issues and was tested for tapeworm.  He was under weight and not very strong in his rear legs.  With time, love and lots of therapy he should be good to go!